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If you wish to make a reservation for your cat(s) to stay with us, please have the following information at hand when you telephone or provide it by e-mail or post. All bookings are naturally subject to availability and confirmation.

Your cat(s): Name, breed (if applicable), age, sex, temperament and a brief description (colour, markings, etc.), any medical problems we should know about and any medication required, preferred diet and any allergies or food to be avoided (we aim to provide the diet your cat is normally used to eating at home). A record of current vaccination is required as well as the name and telephone number of your usual vet (in case of concern about your cat's health we prefer to contact the vet who normally treats your cat).

The owner(s): Name, address, telephone number and, just in case of a serious problem arising, a contact number while you are away or the number of someone who can contact you.

Reception: Hours are 11am-1pm and 3pm-5pm Monday-Saturday, 11am-1pm (only) Sunday and Bank Holidays but we are closed on Christmas Day and Tynwald day. Record of current vaccination must be produced before we can accept cats to stay with us.