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The boarding cattery at Begoade is a family business first opened in 1973. For many years both cats and dogs were accommodated but in 2001 we decided to move away from boarding dogs to concentrate on looking after cats. In recent years a completely new cattery has been built. Although we had many ideas of our own to design and build the "ideal cattery", we eventually decided on the PVCu buildings available from Pedigree Pens. Their design encompassed all of the features we felt were essential and are manufactured to a high standard. The white PVCu material is easily cleaned and hygienic and gives a bright and airy feel to the accommodation units. The units are all constructed to the 'two cat' size specified by CIEH (see links), although often occupied by single cats. Construction is mainly from 28mm PVCu-polystyrene sandwich board in metal-reinforced PVCu frames. Sleeping areas are raised (known as a 'penthouse' design) and each includes a space heater. For safety, all heaters are thermostatically controlled, earthed and RCD-protected and the PVCu material is self-extinguishing. Also, the double-glazed doors and dividers between units are all made from toughened safety glass. For convenience, each accommodation block has external indication of internal temperature. The insulation naturally keeps heat in during the winter but also, combined with the overall white colour, maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. Only wood-based cat litter is used, which is made from recycled timber by-products and is biodegradable. Background music (usually Classic FM) entertains the cats and staff during the day.